Eleven Degrees of Freedom
What A new choreographic framework and artwork around movement and novel class of artificial articulated bodies.
Which Constraints are a longstanding liberating force in creativity as a means to focus options and create tension and drama. Degrees of freedom is a term in robotics corresponding to the number of moveable joints, and high degree of freedom systems are notoriously difficult to control. William Forsythe and the Frankfurt Ballet investigated using a system of constraints to inspire choreographic improvisation. This work goes beyond their work by bringing it into a formal framework of geometry, physics, and computation.

Eleven Degrees of Freedom was choreographed on a bespoke physical robot using custom software that allows the movements to be created on a computer using simulation with a digital twin. The constraints are modular components that can be easily authored, composed, and sequenced. The dynamic interplay between constraint and freedom resulted in surprising grace.

SF Dance on Film Submission.
Won best in art/experiment category.
Why In order to understand body and movement.
Who Jonathan Bachrach with Les Stuck's music
How Stanza, OpenGL, Fuse1 3D Printer
When 2021-2022
Where San Francisco Dance on Film Festival