What backUP is an interactive video installation series that responds to people's movements by amplifying and replicating them. The system is based on internal video feedback loops that generate direct and indirect patterns, introduce delays and effects, and ultimately produce a visual landscape that is revealing and constantly changing. backUP is based on patterns around points, along lines, and across planes utilizing varying scales, rotations, symmetries, and placements. It is written in his stream processing language, called Gooze, allowing the creation and scripting of fx modules combining wide ranging techniques such as 3d, vector and image based graphics.
Which interactive video projection on 60 foot wall and several plasma screens

Dancer: Jennifer Therminos
Why new twist on an old idea
Who jackbackrack. would like to thank nell breyer and geo homsy for their inspiration.
How gooze
When oct 18-24, 2004
Where fcmm
And i:move