What The Fotron2000 is tomorrow's answer to today's mall photo booth. At its heart is a robotic sketch artist whose medium is LED light and whose canvas is long exposed Polaroid film. The robot draws quickly, rendering a line drawing of its subject which he or she gets to keep. The Fotron2000 "brings good things to light."

This work was inspired by the classic time-lapse nighttime highway photography, the Photoshop "glowing edges" filter, and "drawing" with sparklers. The piece is a simple exploration of the ability of a robot and a computer to automate the creation of art. We are interested in the ability to provide visitors with a permanent record of their experience and engage robotic technology in an impractical way. The robot provides us with precision capabilities beyond our own, allowing us to create in ways not possible without technological assistance.
A new foto booth. Images are available here.
Artbot2003 pix are available here.
Why tony spelled backwards
Who Dan Paluska, Jessica, jackbackrack
How C using opencv and jr kerr motor control boards and dollar changer
When Spring/Summer 2003
Where mit ai lab, COLLISIONfive, artbots2003