Follow the Leader
What Leader following structured improvisation formed over 200 simulated robots. Each robot runs an identical program and communicates only with nearby robots. Orange circles depict robots, red and blue dots designate leaders, and green lines designate local communication. Movement occurs through distributed and collective decision making: leaders are elected, chains are formed, and personal space is maintained. This is the second in a series of social studies where collective behaviors are distilled and rendered within a dance framework. Thanks to Jake Beal for collaboration on Proto and to Jake Beal and Tony Grue for assistance on the algorithms.
one frame

Art Installation for COLLISIONten. LCD panel, PC, custom programming language called Proto. 24in x 36in x 3in.
Why Distributed algorithm for choosing and following leaders.
Who Jonathan Bachrach with Jake Beal and Tony Grue
How Proto
When 2006
Where MIT and Art Interactive
And Social Fabric