Intimacy Machine
What The intimacy machine is a reciprocal peepshow routed through a computer. It mediates intimacy allowing people to overcome their normal social boundaries. In particular it provides an indirect mechanism for people standing in close proximity to each other to stare at each other directly in the eyes, a feat that otherwise proves tremendously difficult for humans. Whereas telesex offers a way for people far away to feel close, the intimacy machine makes it possible for people that are close to feel distant. It also offers a facility for people to watch themselves watching. Finally, in other moments the machine reveals an ever changing intimate small world generated from macro images of self
Which Interactive video sculpture with one pc and two each of computer video cameras, lcd panels, two way mirrors, and boxes.
36”(w) x 18”(l) x 18”(h)
Why I'm trying to understand social rules and how indirections can overcome them.
Who jackbackrack. The artist would like to thank Dan Paluska, Mindy Zarem, Jeff Weber, Jessica Banks, Fran Trainor, Randall Heath, and Nell Breyer for their help in construction and otherwise.
How Gooze and laser cutter
When October 2004
Where Art Interactive