What Protochoice is a modular lighting prototype which computes a lifetime of chance decisions.
Which It is comprised of 26 1x16" printed circuit boards with two hot pluggable USB connections on each end providing both structural and electical glue. A collection of protochoice boards permit the construction of a wide range of wireframe

Why Protochoice is the first in a series of modular electronic sculptures by the artist.
Who Many thanks to Mark Tobenkin, Jeff Lieberman, Kevin McCormick, James Patten, Hayes Raffle, Fran Trainor, Brian Knep, Dan Paluska, Mindy Zarem, and the Collision Collective. Inspired by Eric Saund's Markov cube and XTC's ``Complicated Game'' song (i.e., should i part my hair on the left or right?). Partially funded by the MIT Council for the Arts.
How 27 1x16" PCBs, microcontrollers, LEDs, and USB cables and connectors.
When March 2005
Where MIT