string beings
What "String Beings" is the result of an exciting collaboration between Snappy Dance Theater, Jonathan Bachrach, Lucia Lin and Berlin composer Michael Rodach exploring the subject of manipulation through the interaction of multiple media. “String Beings” explores the relationship between manipulating and being manipulated, using a variety of metaphors ranging from the literal (individuals playing string instruments, individuals being pulled by strings) to the complex (dancers manipulating musicians, dancers manipulating images created through their interaction with technology, technology manipulating the audience by transforming reality into a “new” and projected reality). Snappy's physical style and artistic approach of using irony as an essential tool of expression even for complex or sometimes serious topics blends well with Jonathan Bachrach's ability to turn a profoundly human dance expression into a paralles univers of doubt, deception and surprise. “String Beings” will be a compilation of several sections that alternate interactions between musicians and dancers, dancers and technology, and all three elements. The musicians will be part of the choreography to such an extent that at one point, Lucia Lin will be integrated into the acrobatic movement while playing the violin. Berlin composer Michael Rodach created the 60-minute sound score for The Temperamental Wobble in 2004 and will compose “String Beings” to be a mix of electronic music with live strings.

"Widely acclaimed for its edgy, ironic and acrobatic performances, Snappy Dance Theater celebrates its 10th anniversary with the world premiere of String Beings, a collaboration with MIT scientist and new media artist Jonathan Bachrach and BSO first violinist Lucia Lin. With real-time video feedback and live musicians who become part of the sculptural choreography, the new work explores issues of social manipulation by means of Snappy’s signature daring, muscular and witty style" -- crasharts
early renderings from camden show

dance performance with 6 dancers and 3 musicians, multiple cameras, pc, and projection

video clip in divx format
Why large scale staging of interactive video acting as an exploration into integration of computational media into dance performance.
Who jackbackrack and snappy dance theater
How gooze multimedia scripting language
When 2006 - 2007
Where bca wimberly boston ma usa may 2007
cmac cambridge ma usa nov 2006
strom theater camden me usa sep 2006
And gooze