Big Protochoice
What Modular sound/light sculpture which computes a lifetime of decisions. Designed to enliven union square during the coldest winter month. More recently installed at the cloud foundation as a site specific installation for boston cyberarts 2007.
10MB quicktime movie of cloud foundation installation by rene dongo

8MB avi/divx movie of ricky's flower market installation. more movies to come soon.

ricky's flower market union square somerville ma usa

artist sketch of bigprotochoice installation

prototype board one

prototype board two

prototype board three

final board

50/132 final boards from above

close up of arm microcontroller power circuitry and usb

2^7 boards off into the black lab space

the lab space revealed

pile of assembled caps

stack of tubed boards

tube voyeurism

tube pyramid

bigprotochoice axons

fearless marcus

braving the 20 degree weather

giving sculpture a haircut

ricky's new nightscape

bigprotochoice behind traffic

bigprotochoice in the heart of union square

tubes cabled in holding on for dear life

close up of sparks in tubes

Large scale version of protochoice involving 128 22" boards in the form of a hanging plant.
Why Distributed spatial computer which can occupy space
Who jackbackrack assisted by marcus flood and mark tobenkin and funded by the somerville arts council, mit arts council, and the cloud foundation.
How proto
When 2006-2007
Where designed and built at mit csail and installed at ricky's flower market in somerville union square
And protochoice and proto